Father calls wife from car, asks her to pick up twin babies from daycare — but they were dead in the backseat

The Bronx man facing charges in the death of his twin babies who died after being left in his car while he went to work called his wife from the car just before he realized his children were still in it.

WPIX reports that Juan Rodriguez called his wife as he was pulling out of the parking lot at the VA Hospital where he works, and asked her to pick up their twins from daycare. Moments later, Rodgriguez would make the horrifying discovery that his children were not in day care, but still strapped into their carseats — because he never dropped them off.

“He made a phone call as he was leaving the hospital asking his wife to pick up the kids at day care,” a law enforcement source told the news outlet. “He was supposed to pick up a uniform for his reserve duty. He truly believed they were at the day care.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Rodriguez is a veteran who served in Iraq, and works to help support homeless and injured veterans at the hospital.

According to the WPIX report, Rodriguez drove two blocks after leaving the hospital parking lot before he noticed the babies’ car seats — which he would normally bring into the day care facility. The father reportedly stopped the car and then found the twins dead, with foam at their mouths. Witnesses said that he began screaming.

‘I blanked out! I killed my babies!,” he reportedly said.

According to the report, the babies’ internal temperature had reached 108 degrees.

Rodriguez is facing two counts of criminally negligent homicide and two counts of manslaughter. Authorities appear to believe that the deaths of his children were a tragic accident.

The grieving father was released on Saturday on $100,000 bail.

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