Uncle claims he was having affair with young niece before fatally shooting her in a jealous rage: Report

A Florida man has admitted to murdering his niece and claimed the killing followed a two-year affair.

According to WPLG, 21-year-old Winnie Daniela Mendoza was found shot to death in her driveway in Homestead, Florida, on Friday morning.

Stephen Fraser Myers, 44, has reportedly confessed to killing Mendoza, his wife’s niece. According to the report, Myers had followed Mendoza from an unknown location to her residence at the Homestead Air Reserve Base, reportedly believing that she had spent the night elsewhere. He allegedly held her at gunpoint when she exited her vehicle, then shot her multiple times.

Relatives reportedly found the young woman’s body in the driveway.

According to the report, the suspect went home to his wife and told her about the murder. Myers then left home but was apprehended by police, and questioned by detectives. Again, he admitted to having killed Mendoza.

Myers reportedly told the detectives that he killed his niece by marriage after having an affair that lasted two years. But the victim’s friends appear to doubt his claims.

“Anyone who spent any time with her knows she wasn’t like that,” one friend reportedly wrote on Facebook, prompting multiple comments from others in agreement.

Mendoza was planning a career in nursing, and worked in the pharmacy at a Publix supermarket, according to WPLG. Her co-worker told the news station that she did not believe Mendoza would have had an affair with her aunt’s husband.

“We just can’t believe what he is saying about the affair. There is more to this story. There has to be,” the co-worker said.

It is unclear from the report if Myers’ wife Luisa Amanda Mendoza knew about or suspected any possible affair. The victim’s mother Yessenia Mendoza spoke to the news station about the tragedy.

“We are living a horrible nightmare,” she said, in tears.

Myers has been charged with second-degree murder.

[Feature image: Winnie Mendoza; Facebook/Stephen Myers; Miami-Dade Police]