INJUSTICE with Nancy Grace: Beloved wife, mom goes to work early one morning and never comes home. Why would anyone want to kill Michelle Mockbee?


Michelle Mockbee was like so many of us, up early and off to work before our children even awake.  One early morning, Michelle headed to work while the rest of the house slept. She was en route to her job as head of Human Resources at the sprawling warehouse at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a huge medical supplier in Boone County, Kentucky. That morning, on May 29, 2012, she left even earlier than usual so that she could take a few days off later that week.  She wanted to spend time with her two little girls and her husband, Dan Mockbee, who also worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

That family time never happened. In fact, Michelle never came home from work.

Nancy Grace spoke to CrimeOnline about this Saturday’s episode of “Injustice with Nancy Grace,” airing at 6/5c on Oxygen, which explores and investigates what lay beneath Michelle’s mind-boggling murder.

“So many of our viewers and listeners are women just like me, just like my mom, who get up every morning and head to work to help support their families,” Nancy said.

“I imagine Michelle getting up early, checking on her girls and heading to the office having a nice cup of hot coffee, never suspecting she would never see her girls again.”

“That scenario really touched my heart…and made me furious at her killer. ”

She had only been at her office for a half an hour when two other employees found her beaten body, bound and gagged in a second-floor mezzanine.  A trail of Michelle’s blood was left on the floor from outside her office.

Edward “Ed” Yuska, an operations manager at Thermo Fisher, was one of the employees that discovered Michelle’s body.

“I walked up to her, got close enough to see her legs were bound, her hands were bound behind her back, there was a bag over her head and blood all over,” Yuska said, according to the North Kentucky Tribune.

Police quickly responded to the warehouse, hoping the homicide investigation would be jump-started by Thermo-Fisher’s tight security.  At first, it appeared they were right.  Because of a very sophisticated key-card access system, police believed only 13 people were in the facility at the time Michelle was murdered.  Investigators tried to narrow down the suspect pool…was the killer a new temp employee with a criminal history?  A janitor who was one of the two people to first find Michelle’s body?  And what about her husband who also had keycard access to the building?

When asked if she understood why investigators focused on Dan Mockbee, Nancy said, “I certainly do. Not only is he the husband…he worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific, too.”

Although Michelle’s siblings believed from the start there was no way it was possible Dan could have killed the woman he loved so much, investigators zeroed in on a detail of that morning that made them question the state of Michelle and Dan’s marriage. But detectives kept being drawn back to the scene of the crime — Michelle’s previously comfortable workplace, where she believed she was not among just co-workers, but friends.

“She was head of Human Resources,” Nancy said. “She knew all the dirt on everybody.”

“Murder is found in the most unsuspecting places,” Nancy continued. “It presents itself without warning. Michelle was a wonderful mom, very smart.  Her girls will be raised without her.”

“I want justice.”

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