SICK: Parents forced teen daughter to eat out of bowl she used as a toilet; let her siblings and cousins beat, pour boiling water on the girl [REPORT]

A Wisconsin couple has been convicted of abusing their teen daughter. According to court testimony, they also directed or allowed the girls’s siblings and cousins to “discipline” her with beatings.

The Journal Sentinel reports that Kevin Boon-Bey, 47, and his wife Felicia Boon, 34, were found guilty of multiple charges, including false imprisonment, causing mental harm, and chronic neglect causing emotional damage. Felicia, who is reportedly the girl’s stepmother, was also found guilty of causing physical harm to a child, according to the report.

The victim reportedly testified at the trial. The report indicates that she and/or other witnesses said her parents forced her to defecate in a bowl — and then eat from the same bowl, causing infections. The girl reportedly said that her siblings and cousins would beat her with her parents’ cooperation or encouragement, and in at least one case, poured boiling water on her.

The victim was first taken out of the home in Cudahy after police responded to a call in December about a girl throwing boiling water on another girl. According to the Journal Sentinel, Cudahy Police Officer Adam Frick testified at the trial that others in the home insisted as he entered the residence that the girl was fine. He also said the stench of urine was so strong that it stung his eyes.

The officer reportedly said in court that the girl appeared to be seriously injured and could not easily stand on either foot because they were both so swollen. He testified that she told him she was afraid of staying in the home, and he took her to the police station. She later received medical treatment.

Boon-Bey reportedly acted as his own attorney and cross-examined his daughter, appearing to try and paint himself as a caring father. He also testified, and as he was questioned on the stand, he characterized his daughter as defiant. The jury was not swayed.

Both parents are facing decades in prison; Boon up to 40 years and Boon-Bey up to 30 years. It is unclear where the victim and the other children in the home are currently living.

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[Feature image: Kevin Boon-Bey and Felicia Boon/Cudahy Police Department]