WATCH what happens when woman refuses ticket (She ends up facedown on asphalt!)

Body cam footage reportedly shows the moments a driver allegedly fled from and kicked an officer in the groin—all to avoid an $80 parking ticket for a broken tail light

– KOCO: On July 16, Debra Hamil, 65, refused to sign a ticket, claiming she shouldn’t have to pay for something that’s “fixable”
– The officer noted that the tail light’s been broken for six months before she not only refused to sign the ticket but ignored the officer’s commands to exit her car
– Hamil allegedly led the officer on a brief pursuit after he tells her she’s under arrest
– Hamil’s seen stopping and telling the officer “you better leave me” before he drags her out her car and tases her
– “Do you realize you just got yourself in a whole lot more trouble?” the officer tells the handcuffed woman
– Hamil was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest; she was ultimately released on $10,000 bond