ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING: 9 dead, 26 injured in early Sunday morning Dayton gun massacre

Nine people are dead after a mass shooting early Sunday morning in Dayton, Ohio. reports that 26 other people were injured in the shooting that took place at about 1 a.m. in the Oregon District of Dayton, a popular area full of restaurants and bars.

The shooter was killed within a minute after responding officers arrived at the scene.

The suspect has not been identified, but authorities referred to the suspected shooter as “he” during an early Sunday morning news conference.

At the news conference, Montgomery County public information officer Deb Decker reportedly said that the suspected shooter used an assault rifle and wore body armor.

During the massacre, the shooter reportedly made their way towards a bar named Ned Pepper, and a witness reportedly grabbed the barrel of the firearm. At that point, Decker reportedly said, the shooter “picked up a handgun and was willing to continue shooting.” Police then arrived on the scene.

The Dayton massacre was the second deadly mass shooting in 24 hours, following a shooting at an El Paso Walmart on Saturday morning that killed 20 people.

 “The shooter was able to kill nine people and injure 26 in less than a minute. And if we did not have police in the Oregon District and the thousands of people in the Oregon District enjoying their Saturday evening, what we could have had in this city,” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said at the press conference, according to CNN.
“The question has to be raised, why does Dayton have to be the 250th mass shooting this year?”

[Feature image: AP Photo/John Minchillo]