BREAKING: Shocking video captures Dayton shooter’s final moments

New video shows chaos at the scene of the fatal shooting in Dayton, Ohio, this weekend — along with the moment police gunned down the suspected shooter.


The New York Post obtained surveillance video footage released by the Dayton Police, appearing to have been captured from surveillance cameras at a business in the Oregon District. The video shows bargoers running for their lives just before Connor Betts appears in the frame, wearing a mask and body armor and with a raised firearm — moments before officers engage him and he falls to the ground. As CrimeOnline previously reported, officers on patrol early Sunday morning were near the scene and responded rapidly to the gunshots, fatally shooting Betts, 24, within a minute after he opened fire.

The below video shows the moment Betts is hit by police gunfire.

As the New York Post reports, Betts was armed with a legally purchased long gun with the ability to hold at least 100 rounds, indicating that Betts may have intended to kill many more people.

The gunman’s sister Megan Betts, 22, was among the nine victims killed. Authorities have not yet commented on a motive or said whether Megan was among the shooter’s intended targets.

The shooting game less than a day after a gunman shot up a Walmart in El Paso Texas, killing 21 people and injuring a dozen more. That shooter is currently in custody and is reportedly cooperating with police.


[Feature image: Screenshot/Dayton Police Dept via Storyful]