HEAR IT: Millionaire’s Crazy 911 Call After Wife Vanishes. BUSTED IN MEXICO

Millionaire Peter Chadwick makes a bizarre 911 call claiming his wife of 21 years, QC, is drowned by a house painter named Juan and he was forced to drive her body around all night. After her body is found. Chadwick goes on the run. After almost 5 years, he’s caught in Mexico. Nancy Grace and her expert panel delve into the breaking news. With us today:

  • Wendy Patrick: Trial Attorney
  • Dr. Kris Sperry: Retired Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia
  • Caryn Stark: Psychologist
  • Steven Lampley: Former detective
  • David Mack: Syndicated Radio Host

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[Feature Photo: Quee Chadwick/Handout]