INJUSTICE with NANCY GRACE: Who REALLY killed beloved professor Emily Mason?

In 2002, Emily Pestora-Mason seemingly had it all. She lived in a quaint, lovely home in a tree-lined small town, and had a happy marriage and two precious little girls to love.

A poet at heart, Emily had even attained a coveted spot as an English professor at East Georgia College. Her husband worked on campus too, as a popular P.E. coach. It seemed like a dream, but it was real, and the four Masons living the American dream in 2002, in Swainsboro, Georgia, population 7,030.

In a town that small, there were no “strangers.” Everybody knew everybody and when strangers came around, they were noticed. No one saw a stranger around when Emily died.

On the latest episode of “Injustice with Nancy Grace,” airing Saturday, August 17 at 6pmE/5C, Nancy Grace dives deep into the case that shook up a trusting community after a beautiful mother was stabbed to death in her own home.

“I’ve been asked what drew me to Emily’s case. It’s simple. one of my favorite times when my twins were babies was the time. I would try to spend a full hour with each one in the bath, reading to them, teaching them their 1-2-3’s and their ABC’s.

In fact, Lucy would only eat her supper in the tub! So I fed them during bath time! then, I’d gt them in their P.J.’s and sneak out to work. When I discovered an intruder had murdered Emily, attacking her from behind during her girl’s bath time, I imagined her huddled around the tub thing them and washing their hair, maybe telling them a story.

It broke my heart to think the last thing her girls heard from her was mommy running from room to room, literally screaming for her life.”

But where was hubby when Emily died? Turns out that just before Emily was stabbed dead in her own home with the girls present, Walt Mason suddenly had to run an errand to the local Walmart. In the short window of time that he was gone, an unknown intruder got into the home with no forced entry, stole nothing, murdered Emily and managed to make a clean get-away.

Moreover, no prints or forensics stood out. Husband Walt Mason was the first one to find Emily’s body in a gruesome crime scene. He immediately became the prime suspect in his wife’s murder.

“Right or wrong, spouses, lovers boyfriends, and exes are the very first persons of interest in any disappearance or homicide. Statistically, that SOP, standard operating procedure, has proved to be correct” Nancy insists.

Then came claims of marital problems. Working and living together proved to be too close for comfort or the Masons. Rumors swirled that Walt felt inferior to Emily with her degree in English compared to his in P.E. As silly as that may sound, did years of feeling second-best add up?

What else was going on behind the scenes? Then, upon questioning by police, husband Walt Mason mentions that maybe “another side” of him” he called “Walt #2” may have murdered Emily. Walt Mason was arrested and indicted.

Shunned by his community and stripped of his parental rights with the girls, Walt Mason fled town after fingers pointed at him and he waited for his murder trial.

But another crime goes down on the quiet streets of downtown Swainsboro at a local coffee shop, cops head down another rabbit hole. All the while, Emily’s murder trial hangs in limbo.

Who murdered the gorgeous mom of two-turned-college-professor, Emily Mason?

Join us Saturday night, August 17, for “Injustice With Nancy Grace” on Oxygen, 6pmE/5C for the mystery surrounding the Murder of Emily.

[Feature Photo: Emily Mason/Handout]