GUILTY: Uber driver rapes drunk passenger, then charges her $150 for throwing up in his car

An Uber driver who picked up an intoxicated woman at a Pennsylvania casino last year has been found guilty of rape and other related charges.

The Star-Advertiser reports that 27-year-old Ahmed Elgaafary was found guilty on Thursday of sexual assault, indecent assault, and rape of an unconscious person. Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said that the convicted rapist is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date. After he completes his sentence, he’ll likely be deported to Egypt, his native country.

The incident happened in February 2018, when a young woman called for an Uber driver to pick her up Valley Forge Casino Resort. The ride, which should have only taken around 15 minutes, lasted almost an hour after Elgaafary sexually assaulted her in the backseat of his SUV.

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Not only did Elgaafary charge her for the additional time spent in the vehicle, but he also tacked on a $150 cleaning fee after the victim vomited in his car, according to Assistant District Attorney Vincent Robert Cocco.

Elgaafary’s defense attorney, Melissa Berlot McCafferty, unsuccessfully argued that the victim seduced Elgaafary into consensual sex.

“She initiated the sexual encounter and then tried to get him to come into her house with her. Just because (she) doesn’t remember the sex doesn’t mean she wasn’t conscious.”

According to State Police Trooper Amos Glick, however, Elgaafary denied having any sexual contact with the victim at all when authorities questioned him.

The victim said she didn’t remember anything after calling for an Uber at around 2 a.m. She said she later woke up to bruising on her thighs and a sinking feeling something terrible had happened. She immediately went to a local hospital for a rape kit.

The prosecution presented a photo Elgaafary took of the victim, which showed her lying in the prone position with her eyes closed and vomit on her face. Elgaafary planned to use the photo to show proof for the cleaning fee but it ended up working against him in court. One of the jurors became distressed and had to briefly leave the courtroom.

“He knew she was too intoxicated to make any reasonable judgment about anything” that night,” Cocco argued. “He knew she was vulnerable, and he knew she was alone and in his car, and he could do what he wanted.”

Elgaafary showed no emotion as the verdict was read, according to Daily Local News.

Shortly before the verdict was read, a juror gave a reassuring smile to the victim.

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[Feature Photo: Ahmed Elgaafary/Police Handout]