Four children forced to live with army of cockroaches that took over home, found crawling in food and medicine: Police

An Idaho couple is facing charges after a welfare check led to a shocking discovery inside a Nampa home.

ABC 6 reports that authorities visited a home off of the 400 block of North Bailey Avenue on Thursday, after a concerned caller said they had reason to believe four children were living in filth and sharing the residence with bugs.

According to police reports, when responding officers arrived at the home, they could immediately “smell a very pungent or odor of urine emitting from the residence … and (when) looking in the front window, (saw) cockroaches crawling on the sofa.”

The officers wrote that once inside the home, the urine smell was strong that it burned their noses. The officers also noticed that the entire home had been overtaken by an army of bugs and spiders, according to a report by Officer Matt Richardson.

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“There were cobwebs on every corner and every wall, between the wall and ceiling,” Richardson wrote. “In the kitchen, there were dead cockroaches all over the floor … on the counters and on half-eaten food on the counter. There was a black pan that had dead cockroaches in it. … There were dirty dishes that had cockroaches crawling all over them.”

Moranda Young and Eugene Bergener [Police Handout]
Richardson noted that a table in the home had so much stuff on it that it stacked around 6-feet high. The officer found around “100 cigarette butts,” among other junk on the table.  He also reportedly found filthy socks stacked 2-feet high in the laundry and opened boxes of cereal in the kitchen with bugs crawling in them.

“There was not a single wall in this house that did not have cockroaches … and spider webs attached to the ceiling,” Richardson wrote, according to FOX 43.

Further, the officers reportedly found bugs crawling all over the bathroom and inside drawers where the children’s medication had been stored.

“In my years of law enforcement experience, I have never seen a house (infested) to this extent. The house is unlivable for children, let alone any person,” Richardson stated

Richardson spoke to a man who lived in the home, 50-year-old Eugene Bergener, who explained that he while he slept on the couch, a female resident, Moranda Young, 32, slept in the master bedroom with the kids. The master bedroom had live bugs crawling over every inch of the area, and dead bugs scattered across the floor.

Bergener and Young were subsequently arrested and charged with four counts of injury to a child. They both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The children, all girls, ages one, three, four, and 13, have been placed in the custody of the Idaho Health and Welfare.

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