Days after deadly drive-by gun massacre, student threatens to shoot up Odessa school: Report

A ninth-grade a student at Odessa High School was apprehended by police after fellow students warned that she was making shooting threats.

According to News West 9, two Odessa High School students went to the assistant principal after the girl allegedly threatened to the shoot up the school. When police responded, the student reportedly admitted to them that she had made the threats.

The freshman reportedly did not have a gun, and it does not appear that anyone at the school was in immediate danger. Nonetheless, according to the report, the student has been charged with threatening to use a firearm, a Class A misdemeanor.

On Saturday, a gunman shot at dozens of people as he drove through Midland and Odessa, killing 7 people and injuring 22 more before police fatally shot the suspect.

The Ector County Independent School District released a statement addressing the threats at Odessa High School.

“We always take these types or threats seriously – it is never a joking matter. This week, in particular, this type of threat hits too close to home. We want to assure our community the safety of our students and staff members is our top priority. Thank you to the students who reported this, and thank you to our school leaders and police officers who dealt with the situation quickly. It is a reminder that ‘if you see something, say something’ is first line of defense in maintaining our safety.”

[Feature image: AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki]