Tuesday Crime Stories: Killer Dad Chris Watts gets fan mail and wants a do-over on his conviction while murdered Shanann’s family gets death threats

Killer dad Chris Watts is getting a lot of female attention even though he is in prison. Women are writing and asking to be able to visit with him. In the meantime, Shanann’s parents are getting death threats and being stalked by trolls on the internet.

With Nancy Grace to discuss the latest in this case:

  • Darryl Cohen Former Assistant District Attorney
  • Defense Attorney; Joe Scott Morgan Forensics Expert
  • Dr. Bethany Marshall, Psychoanalyst
  • Dr. Tim Gallagher, Medica Examiner for the State of Florida
  • Alexis Terezchuck Entertainment Editor, Radaronline.com

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[Feature Photo: Chris Watts/Weld County Sheriff’s Office]