Watch LIVE: Trial continues for cheerleader accused of killing newborn girl, burying her in yard

A murder trial continues in a Warren County, Ohio, courthouse, in the case of a former high school cheerleader facing numerous charges in connection with the death of her unborn baby.

Prosecutors allege that 20-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson purposely killed her infant daughter after giving birth to a live baby at her parents’ home, in 2017. Prosecutors say the defendant then burned and buried the baby after hiding her entire pregnancy from her family.

The defense, however, says Richardson delivered a deceased infant. The defense argues that the defendant should not be prosecuted for delivering a stillborn daughter.

Richardson is facing charges of abuse of a corpse, aggravated murder, endangering children, involuntary manslaughter, and tampering with evidence.

Watch below.

WATCH LIVE: Day 5 of testimony in the Brooke Skylar Richardson Trial is underway in Warren County

Posted by Dayton 24/7 Now on Tuesday, September 10, 2019


[Feature Photo: Brooke Skylar Richardson via Cara Owsley/The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP, Pool]