Baby Jane Doe

UPDATE: SUSPECTED KILLER FOUND! Newborn baby girl, umbilical cord still attached, dies alone in metal trash drum sucking her thumb for comfort

The body of an infant baby girl was found in a metal trash can. Who left her there? Nancy Grace talks with a panel of experts on an arrest in the case of Baby Jane Doe of Lousiana.

Our panel includes:

  • Ashley Wilcott, Judge and trial attorney
  • Joseph Scott Morgan, Forensic Expert
  • Dr. Michelle Dupre, Medical Examiner
  • Shera LaPoint, Genetic Genealogist
  • Major Wendell Raborn, Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office
  • Catalean Theriot, Comprehensive Victim Intervention Specialist
  • Louisiana 16th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
  • KADN News 15 Reporter Leigha McNeil

Sonia Charles [Police Handout]
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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]