Kelsey Berreth family members testify about unusual conditions in her home, Patrick Frazee’s apparent lack of concern at 2nd day of murder trial testimony

Relatives of missing Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth testified at the murder trial of Patrick Frazee on Monday, noting the unusual conditions of Berreth’s townhouse after she went missing, and Frazee’s apparent lack of concern for Berreth’s well-being.

Frazee, who was once engaged to Berreth and is the father of their toddler daughter, is accused of murdering Berreth on Thanksgiving Day 2018 and demanding that his on-and-off girlfriend in Idaho to come to Woodland Park, Colorado, to clean up the crime scene.

Taking the stand on Monday, Kelsey’s mother Cheryl Berreth spoke of her growing concern after she did not hear from her daughter following a phone conversation on Thanksgiving Day, according to the Denver Channel.

According to the report, the elder Berreth said she contacted Frazee on December 2 and asked him to check on Kelsey. Frazee reportedly told her that Kelsey had ended their relationship on Thanksgiving and asked for space, which was news to Kelsey’s mother. Cheryl Berreth said she asked Frazee to check on her daughter at her townhouse, and Frazee, a rancher, said he first had to check on his cows but said he would later, though he claimed Kelsey would not want to see him.

Concerned for their daughter’s well-being, Cheryl Berreth reportedly flew from Washington to Colorado on December 3. On that day, Cheryl testified that Frazee admitted he had not gone to check on Kelsey. On the morning of December 4, Kelsey’s mother reportedly visited her townhouse for a second time, having previously stopped by the night before when it was dark, and said in her testimony that she noticed full garbage cans, cleaning solution film on surfaces, and the thermostat set to a higher temperature than Kelsey usually left it when she wasn’t in the home.

The report also notes that Frazee’s defense lawyer asked Cheryl Berreth if her daughter ever kept anything from her, and Kelsey’s mother said there was just one case in which she did keep something from her, but she did not specify what.

According to the Denver Channel report, Kelsey’s brother Clint Berreth later took the stand, explaining that he also flew to Colorado because of concerns about his sister. He said that he and his mother had spent their days at the police station since reporting Kelsey missing on December 2, and said that on December 6 he noticed blood on the inside of Kelsey’s toilet.

Frazee’s one-time girlfriend Krystal Kenney, who pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence in exchange for her testimony against Frazee, is expected to take the stand at the murder trial in Teller County. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Kenney told investigators that she drove from Idaho to Colorado at Frazee’s behest on Thanksgiving weekend to clean up the bloody crime scene at Kelsey’s townhouse. According to her account, Frazee allegedly told her he bludgeoned Kelsey to death, while their daughter was in the home.

Kelsey Berreth’s body has not been found.

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