Thursday Crime Stories: ‘Rodeo Queen’ mistress sobs in court over her role in gorgeous young mom, Kelsey Berreth’s murder

Patrick Frazee now on trial for the murder of Colorado mom, Kelsey Berreth. Statements from witnesses show he took time to plan out the murder. Frazee, however, insists that he’s innocent with his attorneys placing the blame on mistress Krystal Lee Kenney.

Joining Nancy Grace today to discuss the case:

  • Ken Belkin- NY Criminal Defense lawyer
  • Cloyd Steiger- 36-year Seattle PD Officer, 22-year Homicide Detective & Author of “Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer-Gary Gene Grant”
  • Dr. Bethany Marshall – Psychoanalyst
  • Sheryl McCollum – Forensics Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder
  • Alexis Terezchuck – Entertainment Editor, Crime Stories & Radar Online

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[Feature Photo: Kelsey Berreth Patrick Frazee/ Handout, Police Handout]