Ainsley Moore Reed

Friday Crime Stories: Actress plays killer in movie, charged with copycat murder PLUS teen boy offers $100K for hit-man to rub-out teacher

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed shoots her uncle dead over a home dispute. In an eerie twist of events, she later stars as a killer in horror movie, in a true-to-life scene.

ALSO, high school student Nicholas Godfrey offers $100,000 to a hitman. Police say the student wants a high school employee dead. Nicholas says it was all a joke.

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss the Moore-Reed case:

  • Ashley Wilcott – Judge, Trial Attorney, & Anchor at Court TV
  • James Shelnutt – 27 years Atlanta Metro area Major Case Detective, Swat Officer (RET), Lawyer
  • Dr. Tim Gallagher – Medical Examiner for the State of Florida,
  • Dr. Caryn Stark – Psychologist
  • Dave Mack- Investigative Reporter at CrimeOnline

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss the Godfrey case:

  • Ashley Wilcott – Judge, Trial Attorney, & Anchor at Court TV
  • Steven Lampley Former Detective, Author “Outside Your Door”
  • Dr. Bethany Marshall- Psychoanalyst
  • Sheryl McCollum: Forensic Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder
  • Dave Mack: Investigative reporter CrimeOnline

[Feature Photo: Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed/Police Handout]