Nancy Grace joins Fox Nation for video version of her popular ‘Crime Stories’ radio show

CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace is partnering up with Fox Nation’s streaming service to share her successful SIRIUS XM show, “Crime Stories,” with more viewers.

“Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” will stream five days a week on Fox Nation, starting in January. Cameras will follow Nancy and her expert contributors as they dive deep into criminal cases, ask tough questions to find missing children, unlock clues, warm up cold cases, and help bring fugitives to justice.

How do you protect your children from predators? Join Nancy Grace and a team of world-class experts for the online course ‘Justice Nation: Crime Stops Here’.

“I’m so thrilled ‘Crime Stories’ will now be featured on FOX Nation! Our message of not only delivering breaking crime and justice news but helping to find missing people, especially children,” Nancy told CrimeOnline.

“Helping to solve unsolved homicides and heating up cold cases will now extend to viewers at FOX Nation. I’m proud our new partner believes in our mission to always, in every way, seek justice.”

For over 30 years, Grace has been an integral part of the true crime circuit. After working as a Special Prosecutor in Atlanta for nearly a decade, she joined Court TV in 1996, where she worked alongside famed O.J. Simpson defense lawyer, Johnny Cochran.

Grace worked as a primetime legal analysis on HLN’s top-rated  “Nancy Grace” show, from 2005 to 2016, where she covered current crimes and cold cases with a special emphasis on missing children.

After leaving HLN, Grace created CrimeOnline and “Crime Stories,” which models her popular HLN television show.

Click HERE to see the entire list of “Crime Stories” shows. Listen below to our latest episode.

Join Nancy Grace for her new online video series designed to help you protect what you love most – your children.