‘They told her they are going to rape her’: 10-year-old boy & his friends attack little girl at school and simulate rape, father says

A 10-year-old Maryland boy has been charged with a fourth-degree sex offense and second-degree assault after a disturbing incident allegedly took place inside a Charles County elementary school.

News4 Washington reports that following a game of “Tag” at the Gale-Bailey Elementary School playground on October 29, three boys are accused of attacking a young girl. At least two other girls said they were harassed by the same boys on the same day.

One of the boys allegedly wrapped his arms around one of the girls while the other boys told her they planned to rape her while simulating the act over her clothes, the victim’s father said.

The girls reported the alleged attack to a recess teacher, but the girl’s father said the school didn’t do enough to punish the boys.

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“They told her that they were going to rape her, that they were going to f*** her hard, and then they simulated that over her clothes,” the girl’s father told the outlet.

Following the incident, the school punished the boys by offering to move their seats to another side of the classroom, the father said. The vice principal reportedly made each child give written statements.

“I said that’s not acceptable for somebody that threatened my daughter with rape,” the girl’s father added. “She stays up at night. She cries herself to sleep. My wife and I are taking turns staying with her.”

Further, the father added that the school didn’t notify parents about the incident. They learned about it from talking to each other. The man said he learned himself about the incident only after his daughter got off of the school bus in tears.

According to CBS Baltimore, Charles County Public Schools officials later sent letters out to parents, although it’s unclear when they sent them.

The girl’s father reported the incident to a school resource officer, which sparked an investigation that led to charges against one of the boys. He added that when his daughter returned to school, she was degraded and called names. He subsequently removed her from the school.

“The little bit of time we had her back in school, she was bullied and harassed and called degrading names. We want to show victims they have every right to speak up.”

Meanwhile, ABC7 reports that following the incident, Principal Verniece Rorie and Vice Principal Timothy Rosin were removed from their positions at the elementary school. The removal happened after an outcry from the girls’ parents, who wrote a group statement they shared publicly, according to FOX 5. They also demanded answers at a school safety town hall meeting.

“The Charles County school system statement completely misrepresents what occurred to our daughters at Gale-Bailey Elementary school. On October 30, our three daughters were repeatedly threatened at recess a group of boys who threatened to attack and rape them.

They complained a group of teachers who were sitting at a table looking at their phones.  The teachers took no action and instead simply told them to “stay away from the boys.”

Within ten minutes, the girls were attacked.  One girl was tied up and was attacked as the boy simulated rape over her clothing. The girls were then placed near their attackers on the bus ride home that night and in the school building that day.

The school failed to notify the parents or the school community. No action was taken until a parent called a school resource officer. This has been extremely traumatizing for these girls.  One girl does not sleep, cries constantly and is in counseling.

The Charles County school system has attempted to cover this up from the beginning. Calling this a “game of tag” is completely false and demeaning to our girls.  It is clear they do not take seriously the safety of these girls.

The school system needs to take action to remove the leadership, teachers and students who were involved in this.”

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Hill said that investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

“There is a continuing investigation into an incident that occurred on the playground on October 29. Incidents involving children preclude us from providing specific details, and we will always err on the side of protecting our students when faced with decisions about how much detail to share.”

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