Tuesday Crime Stories: BOMBSHELL in Dr. Teresa Sievers murder. Gorgeous mom/doctor still wearing stilettos found bludgeoned dead on kitchen floor

Dr. Teresa Sievers is bludgeoned to death by an intruder wielding a hammer inside her Bonita Springs, Florida, home. Who planned the attack, going as far as recruiting a childhood friend and a jailhouse thug?

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss the case:

  • Ashley Willcott: Judge and trial attorney, Anchor on Court TV, www.ashleywillcott.com
  • James Shelnutt: Attorney, served 27 years as Atlanta Metro Major Case Detective, SWAT Officer
  • Bethany Marshall: Psychologist
  • Dr. Tim Gallagher: Medical Examiner for the State Of Florida
  • Amanda Hall: Reporter for WINK TV, Ft Myers, Florida

Dr. Teresa Sievers crime scene photos [WARNING: Graphic Content]

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[Feature Photo: Teresa Sievers, Mark Sievers/Handout; Police Handout]