Thursday Crime Stories: Mild-mannered eye doctor stabs girlfriend 30 times in ‘self-defense’ as cops now eye ‘accidental’ death of first wife

Margaret Daniel dies in a pool of blood in her townhouse kitchen. Her boyfriend a well known Illinois eye doctor calls 911 telling the operator it was self-defense. Investigators don’t agree. He’s now charged not only with Daniel’s death, but an investigation has been launched into the death of his first wife Bridget. What happened?

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss:

  • Bruce Johnson – ISP Investigations. 25-year police veteran. He investigated the death of Bridget Prate for her family.
  • Darryl Cohen- Defense Attorney, Former Assistant District Attorney, Fulton County, Georgia
  • Dr. Debbie Joffe-Ellis – Psychologist, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University
  • Dr. Kendall Crowns- Deputy Medical Examiner Travis County, Texas (Austin)
  • Levi Page – Investigative Reporter CrimeOnline

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[Feature Photo: Anthony Prate/Police Handout]