Giles Daniel Warrick

Thursday Crime Stories BONUS: Potomac River Rapist CAUGHT!

Forensic genealogy leads police to a suspect in more than ten sexual assaults and one murder in Washington and Maryland in the 1990s. Giles Daniel Warrick, 60, was arrested in Conway, South Carolina, on multiple rape charges.

Joining Nancy Grace today to discuss:

  • Ashley Willcott: Judge and trial attorney, anchor at Court TV
  • Cloyd Steiger: 36 years with Seattle Police Department, 22-year homicide detective & author of “Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer: Gary Gene Grant”
  • Dr. Bethany Marshall: Psychoanalyst, Beverly Hills
  • Dr. Michelle Dupre: South Carolina Medical Examiner & author of “Homicide Investigation Field Guide”
  • Levi Page: Investigative reporter CrimeOnline

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[Feature Photo: Giles Daniel Warrick/Police Handout]