Jeffrey Epstein

Friday Crime Stories: SHOCKING DETAILS: Millionaire pedophile Jeff Epstein’s bloody death cell

Convicted millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had bloodied ligature marks around his neck and several nooses inside his jail cell following his death. A security guard said he cut a noose from Epstein’s neck after he found the pervert hanging lifeless in his cell. Yet, no evidence of a “cut” noose has been found.

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss:

  • Marc Fernich: Jeffrey Epstein’s Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Bruce Johnson: Owner of ISP Investigations, Master Sgt Region One Crime Scene Commander in Chicago Metro Area (Ret)
  • Joe Scott Morgan: Forensic Expert, Professor of Forensics, Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”
  • Dr. Kendall Crowns: Travis County, Texas, Deputy Medical Examiner
  • Emily Saul: New York Post Journalist

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[Feature Photo: Jeffrey Epstein/Police Handout]