Thursday Crime Stories: VEGAN PARENTS’ INFANT BOY STARVED DEAD IN OWN BASSINET, siblings’ teeth rot black from malnutrition

Vegan couple Ryan and Sheila O’Leary are facing murder charges after their baby boy was found starved to death. Authorities said the baby’s siblings were found with rotted teeth, brought on by malnutrition.

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss the case:

  • John Musca: Attorney
  • James Shelnutt : 27 years Atlanta Metro Major Case Detective, SWAT Officer (RET)
  • Karen Smith Forensics Expert. Bare Bones Consulting
  • Tim Gallagher: Medical Examiner for State of Florida (205) 447-0111
  • Dr Daniel Bober: Forensic Psychiatrist

[Photo: O’Leary Couple/Police Handout]