Jennifer Dulos

Friday Crime Stories: Shocking details! Search warrants reveal Jennifer Dulos afraid for her life, hubby Fotis Dulos tried to run her over with car

New details released in the investigation into the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. Search warrants show Dulos was afraid of her husband and his repeated threats to leave with their children. Court document show Fotis Dulos once tried to run over his wife with a car.

Joining Nancy Grace today to discuss:

  • Laura Ingle: Fox News National Correspondent
  • Wendy Patrick: California prosecutor, author “Red Flags”
  • Bobby Chacon: Former Special Agent FBI, current star of FB Watch Series “Curse of Akakor”
  • Joe Scott Morgan: Forensics Expert, Professor of Forensics, Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet
  • Dr. Bethany Marshall: Psychoanalyst, Beverly Hills

BOMBSHELL: Medical Examiner says JENNIFER DULOS IS DEAD after suffering ‘non survivable’ injuries and pools of blood found throughout the house

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[Feature Photo: Jennifer Dulos/Handout]