Emile Weaver

Friday Crime Stories: Sorority girl’s baby found dead in trash bag with mac-n-cheese box beside sorority house

Emile Weaver, a former Muskingum University student, gives birth to a baby girl inside the Delta Gamma Theta sorority house bathroom. Weaver then stuffs the newborn inside a black trash bag and leaves her to die.

She’s now in prison for life, but Emile thinks the punishment is too excessive for the crime.

Joining Nancy to discuss:

  • Kathleen Murphy: Family Attorney
  • Bruce Johnson: Owner of ISP Investigations, Master Sgt. Region One Crime Scene Commander, Chicago Metro Area (Ret)
  • Dr. Michelle Dupre: South Carolina Medical Examiner & Author of “Homicide Investigation Field Guide”
  • Caryn Stark: NYC Psychologist
  • Levi Page – Investigative reporter, CrimeOnline.com

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[Feature Photo: Emile Weaver/Police Handout]