‘5 KIDS & NO Money and HIS SISTER GETS EVERYTHING!’ ‘Cult’ mom Lori Vallow’s FURIOUS TEXT after discovering she loses MILLION DOLLAR LIFE INSURANCE ON DEAD HUBBY [Exclusive]

The grandparents of missing Idaho boy Joshua “JJ” Vallow will appear on an upcoming episode of “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” to talk about the disappearance of 7-year-old JJ and his 17-year-old sister Tylee Ryan, and the death of Lori Vallow’s husband Charles Vallow.

Kay Woodock is JJ’s biological grandmother and Charles Vallow’s sister. In the episode, Kay tells Nancy Grace that after Charles and Lori separated in early 2019, Charles told his sister that he wanted her to the beneficiary of his $1 million dollar life insurance policy.

According to Kay, Charles said at the time that Lori “doesn’t want JJ anymore, doesn’t want me,” and asked Kay to be the beneficiary of his $1 million life insurance policy; apparently believing that Kay and her husband would ultimately become JJ’s guardian.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, JJ, who Charles and Lori adopted, is autistic and had a beloved service dog named Bailey. But shortly after Charles Vallow’s death, Lori tried to sell the service dog before ultimately giving it away. She then moved from Arizona to Idaho with the two children, who have not been seen since late September.

The circumstances of Charles Vallow’s fatal shooting remain mysterious, as Lori’s brother Alex Cox, who reportedly told police that he shot Charles Vallow in self-defense in July, died in December. Authorities have not released details about the circumstances of his death, and he was never criminally charged in Vallow’s killing.

Kay Woodcock tells Nancy Grace that while JJ and Tylee were at the Chandler, Arizona, home the day of Charles’s death, it is unclear if they were both present when he was shot.

“I pray more than anything that JJ was not a witness to that, that JJ didn’t see Charles lying dead on the floor,” Kay says in the upcoming episode.

Days after Charles Vallow died, Kay Woodcock says Lori learned from the insurance company that she was no longer the beneficiary of her late husband’s million-dollar policy, and that Kay would be the recipient.

Kay tells Nancy Grace that Lori took a photo of the change in beneficiary form and sent it in a text, with the message: “5 kids and no money and his sister gets everything.”

Kay says that text message was the last contact she had with Lori Vallow, who fled Idaho with her new husband Chad Daybell shortly after police performed a welfare check on her home and discovered the children missing.

“She wanted that million dollars,” Kay says. “She was bound and determined to hurt us and she used JJ … That was her revenge.”

Lori Vallow’s extended family members have said in interviews that they believe both Vallow and Daybell are involved in a so-called end-days cult, and that their involvement with the religious group might have something to do with the string of deaths and disappearances.

Kay Woodcock says that Lori Vallow never worked a day in her life, but she and Daybell are reportedly living in an upscale community in Kauai – without Lori’s children.

East Idaho News reporter Nate Eaton, who went to Hawaii to report on the story, says in the upcoming episode he saw Lori carrying a “bag full of cash” when he approached her for an interview late last month. Video from the exchange shows that Lori refused to answer the reporter’s questions about her children’s whereabouts.

After authorities in Kauai gave Lori a court order to present her children to authorities in Idaho before January 30. Vallow did not comply with the order and the children’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Tune in to “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” on Thursday for more explosive details about this bizarre and disturbing story.

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