Wednesday Crime Stories: Tears from tiny tot boy lead cops to cold blooded killer

Nearly forty years ago, the body of a newborn was found abandoned in a ditch near a cornfield in Sioux Falls, S.D. Tears were frozen on his cheeks. Who left the child, wrapped in a blanket, to die? Has DNA led to a killer?

Joining Nancy Grace today:

  • Darryl Cohen – Former Assistant District Attorney, Fulton County, Georgia, Defense Attorney
  • Bobby Chacon – Former Special Agent FBI, current star of Facebook Series “Curse of Akakor”
  • Joseph Scott Morgan – Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”
  • Caryn Stark- NYC Psychologist
  • Shera LaPoint – Genetic Genealogist, The Gene Hunter
  • Kristen Quon – WCYB Reporter, Bristol, Va.

DNA evidence admissible after baby found dead in ditch with tears frozen to his tiny cheeks

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]