They met every week for poker night. Then they all became infected with coronavirus, and three died.

A group of retirees who met for a regular poker game have all been infected with the coronavirus, and three have died.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the group of eight retirees, all with previous ties to New York City, met multiple times a week to play poker in Aventura, Florida. During their last meeting on March 12, one of the players was coughing and sneezing, but no one in the group thought much of it, a woman who attended the game told the newspaper.

Within weeks, all eight members of the poker crew fell ill with the virus that causes COVID-19, and three are dead. The three who died were in their 80s or 90s, and at least one had an underlying medical condition. Two were partners, and a family members convinced hospital staff to allow them to share a room at the end. They died four days apart.

Harriet Molko, one of the players who became sick but survived, told the Sun Sentinel that other members of the group had visited area casinos around the same time they played the final game that infected everyone in attendance. Molko also said that she has not been contacted by state health officials for questions involving contacting tracing, but said another player had been contacted. That person declined to be interviewed for the story.

Molko was severely ill and was hospitalized for nine days, at one point believing she would die. Her husband tested positive for the virus but did not have to be hospitalized, she told the newspaper.

“It’s just a nightmare and I’m trying to get over it,” Molko said.

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