‘Extremely intoxicated’ woman claims blood stains are juice after cops find two children with bloody nostrils, split lip & cuts

Two New Mexico suspects are behind bars after police say they during a drunken stupor, they brutally abused two little boys.

Farmington Daily Times reports that officers arrived at an apartment off of East 20th Street early Saturday, a little after midnight, after a call regarding possible domestic violence. When officers arrived, a woman identified as Keasha Archuleta, 29, opened the door and allowed them inside.

Upon entering the apartment, the officers noticed a sheet spread out over a couch with a large, “fresh” bloodstain on it, the outlet reports. Archuleta reportedly told the officers that the stain was spilled juice, but she gave them permission to search the apartment.

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Keasha Archuleta and Jose Sotelo [Police Handout]
During their search, authorities found a “large pool of blood” in the bathroom and blood droplets throughout the apartment.

While searching upstairs, the officers found 27-year-old Jose Sotelo with a little boy, 2, who had a cut on his eye. The deputies then spotted Archuleta with a 7-year-old old clearly visible injuries, including dried blood in his nostrils and a cut on his lip that appeared to be an older injury.

The children were immediately taken to a medical center for an examination.

When deputies questioned Archuleta, she allegedly became upset and started screaming. She claimed she had one pint of alcohol but authorities said she and Solano were both “extremely intoxicated.” Both were arrested for child abuse.

Archuleta reportedly claimed she didn’t know how the children were injured. Police said the children were in the suspects’ direct care when the incident happened.

Both suspects posted bond, awaiting an April 29 preliminary hearing. The children were placed with the New Mexico Child Youth and Families.

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