Tony and Katherine Butterfield

Friday Crime Stories: Screams, blood trail lead to Mommy & Daddy found dead, 3 tots still asleep

911 calls to police report screams coming from the home of a young couple. Police find Tony Butterfield dead in the backyard. His wife is found dead inside. Their three children, all under the age of four, are in the home. They are unharmed. The search before the killer? What happened to the Butterfields?

Joining Nancy Grace today:

  • Jason Oshins – New York Defense Attorney
  • Bruce Johnson – owner ISP Investigations-Master Sgt Region One Crime Scene Commander, Chicago Metro Area (Ret)
  • Dr. Michelle Dupre – South Carolina Medical Examiner & Author of “Homicide Investigation Field Guide ”
  • Dr. Daniel Bober – Forensic Psychiatrist
  • Nicole Partin – Freelance Investigative Reporter

Update: Wife hides killer’s bloody clothes after he murders beloved couple, leaves 3 children alone with parents’ bodies [Police]

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[Feature Photo: Butterfield Family/GoFundMe]