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Severed head found in refrigerator possibly linked to missing California man: UPDATE

A search warrant led California authorities to a grisly discovery inside an apartment off of Great Highway in San Francisco on Sunday.

CBS SF Bay Area reports that investigators searched an apartment off of the 1600 block of the Great Highway, in connection with a man reported missing by his family. Catono R. Perez, 41, last talked to his family members on April 10th, according to Private investigator Jeff Kaplan.

Authorities searched Perez’s last known address and inside the residence, found a severed head in the refrigerator. The victim has not yet been identified.

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“We had asked them [police] to check it out,” Kaplan told the outlet. “We needed access to his apartment and we had reason to believe there was evidence in there.”

According to Fox 2, police found Perez’s identification on the scene a few weeks prior, when 35-year-old Antioch resident Justin Silvernale stole a police cruiser and tried to stab a San Francisco police officer. Authorities are reportedly investigating how and if Perez knew Silvernale.

David Charbonneau, a man who babysat Perez as a child and remained friends with him as an adult, told Fox 2 that Perez knew Silvernale.

Posted by Catono R Perez on Monday, February 19, 2018


“I’m not sure exactly what Justin was doing in his life but I heard that Catono was trying to help him and I can see that,” Charbonneau said.

On Easter Sunday, according to police, Silvernale got into a fight with two peopl at a Chevron gas station off of Hickey Blvd., after he attempted to steal their car. Silvernale allegedly stabbed an off-duty officer who intervened.

When authorities arrived and tried to diffuse the situation, Silvernale allegedly got into their police cruiser and fled. Deputies followed Silvernale to a Kaiser Permanente parking lot, where he drove through the parking garage gates and crashed the cruiser.

Silvernale exited the car and tried to stab on an officer, prompting authorities to shoot him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Check back for updates.

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