‘Jurors were crying’: Woman who helped convict ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic gives Nancy Grace a tell-all interview

In the latest episode of “A Tiger King Investigation” on Fox Nation, Nancy Grace speaks to a juror who helped decide the fate of “Joe Exotic,” who is serving a 22-year sentence after he was found guilty of plotting to murder his professional rival, Carole Baskin.

As Nancy notes, the Netflix series ‘Tiger King” found a sympathetic audience for Joe Exotic, with some viewers calling for him to be pardoned. The fact that Joe Exotic somehow managed to garner a supportive fan base perplexed both Nancy and Kristin, a juror at his trial, who spoke at length with Nancy about the overwhelming evidence against him.

“[The show] was very different than what happened in the courtroom. Would you agree with that?,” Nancy asks Kristin.

 “Oh, I absolutely agree with that. It was a completely different story than what we heard,” Kristin says.

The former juror also shared with Nancy how Joe Exotic would sometimes “peform” on the stand. She says she was sitting pretty close to him when he was being questioned, and that he would pretend to wipe tears away — but she could see that his face was dry.

Still, some of the jurors seemed to have identified with him. And although they ultimately found him guilty, some were emotional about it.

We had a few jurors that were crying when we went back into the courtroom,” Kristin says.

“And Iike I said, I was not one of those people. We had a job to do.”

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