‘Tiger King’ lawyer thinks Carole Baskin’s missing husband was murdered and ‘strangled from the backseat of an airplane’

The lawyer for Carole Baskin’s missing husband said he doesn’t know for sure who made the man disappear or who may have killed him, but he’s certain that Jack Don Lewis was murdered.

“In my view, there’s no question but that he was murdered,” Joseph Fritz told CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace in a new episode of  “A Tiger King Investigation,” airing on Fox Nation.

“What I had heard was that he was strangled from the backseat of an airplane over the Gulf [of Mexico] at 50 feet and dropped out over the Gulf.”

Fritz said he knew “very little” about the days leading up to Lewis’ disappearance; there were no signs or indication that Lewis planned to flee.

Lewis, who was married Carole Baskin, vanished after he went to the Pilot Country Airport in Springhill, Florida, on August 18, 1997. Baskin, the centerpiece of the Netflix documentary, “Tiger King,” claimed Lewis simply vanished after leaving for Costa Rica.

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Police found Lewis’ keys, briefcase, and luggage left behind in his white 1989 Dodge van, parked at the airport. There was no money trail and Lewis’ two passports to Costa Rica were not flagged.

“My suspicion turned on you know who,” Fritz told Grace. “Can I prove it, disprove it? No, I can’t.”

Fritz added that he thought the investigation into Lewis’s disappearance was botched, adding that a “Walmart security guard would be a better investigation of a kid shoplifting” than the investigators assigned to Lewis’ “murder case.”

“They didn’t do a thing, that I can see,” he said.

When Grace asked the lawyer if he thought the case would ever be solved, he indicated that someone wanting a reduced prison sentence might one day talk.

“One day one of these people is going to stub their toe and want a get-out-of-jail-free card and that’s when something’s going to happen.”