Thursday Crime Stories: Gorgeous Colorado mom missing: Was her bike found UNDER a bridge?

The search for Suzanne Morphew continues as police search the family home. We learn the husband and daughters have not been allowed to return to their home and the husband’s car and cellphone are being searched. However, those search warrants have been sealed.

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss:

  • James Shelnutt – 27 years Atlanta Metro Major Case Detective, SWAT Officer, Attorney
  • Dr. Daniel Bober – Forensic Psychiatrist (follow on Instagram at drdanielbober)
  • Sheryl McCollum – Forensics Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Director
  • Susan Constantine- Body language & deception expert
  • Lauren Scharf – Fox21 Colorado Springs News Reporter
  • Ellen Killoran – CrimeOnline Investigative Reporter

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[Feature Photo: Suzanne Vallow/Handout]