Jeffrey Epstein

Friday Crime Stories: Billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein’s lady-pimp Ghislaine Maxwell in hiding

Netflix’s new document “Filthy Rich” chronicles Jeffrey Epstein’s manipulation of power, celebrity, and wealth to build a sex abuse empire. As his victims try to get justice after Epstein’s death, the push remains to hold enablers like Ghislaine Maxwell accountable for their actions.

Maxwell’s name repeatedly appears in charges from victims that she “found” the girls for Epstein. Maxwell maintains her innocence from relative obscurity. Where is Maxwell and why hasn’t she been charged?

Joining Nancy Grace today:

  • Ashley Willcott – Judge and trial attorney, Anchor on Court TV
  • Dr. Bethany Marshall – Psychoanalyst, Beverly Hills
  • Cloyd Steiger – 36 years Seattle Police Department, 22 years Homicide Detective & Author of “Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer: Gary Gene Grant”
  • Joseph Scott Morgan – Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”
  • Levi Page – Investigative Reporter, CrimeOnline

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[Feature Photo: Jeffrey Epstein/Police Handout]