Monday Crime Stories: ‘INVOLUNTARY CELIBATE’ MEN, angry and frustrated, murder innocent women

From Elliot Rodger to Scott Bierle, angry men who post online manifestos against women because they can’t find a romantic or sexual partner. They are “involuntary celibates.” Their anger builds until they strike out and someone dies. Today Nancy Grace looking at cases of murder by this subculture.

Joining our panel of experts:

  • Ashley Willcott – Judge and trial attorney, Anchor on Court TV
  • Dr. Bethany Marshall – Psychoanalyst, Beverly Hills
  • Cloyd Steiger – 36 years with Seattle Police Department, 22-year homicide detective, author of “Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer: Gary Gene Grant”
  • Joseph Scott Morgan – Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”
  • Levi Page – Investigative reporter CrimeOnline

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[Feature Photo: AP/Christopher Weber]