Colorado woman woken from sleep by loud noises, sounds of ‘running’ at construction site that was focus of Suzanne Morphew search — the night before she went missing: Report

The noise came from a construction site connected to Suzanne’s husband Barry Morphew, a landscaper

A woman who lives in the area where Colorado mother Suzanne Morphew went missing said she heard a prolonged, loud noise at a property connected to Suzanne’s husband the day before she was reported missing.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Suzanne Morphew of Maysville was reported missing on May 10th, Mother’s Day, after her daughters could not reach their mother and asked a neighbor to check on her. According to multiple reports, Suzanne is believed to have gone for a bike ride that morning although it does not appear than any witnesses saw Suzanne, a regular cyclist, on her bike that day.

Authorities have released very little information about the investigation, though they are reportedly continuing to collect tips and leads. In the days and weeks following Suzanne’s disappearance, investigators searched the area extensively and served a search warrant at the family’s home in Maysville, forbidding any relatives from accessing the property during a multi-day search. Police have not named any suspects, and said early in the investigation they could not rule out foul play.

Suzanne Morphew, 49, has two daughters and has been married for decades to Barry Morphew, a volunteer firefighter and independent landscaper. Barry was not in Maysville on the day Suzanne was discovered to be missing. He was reportedly at a construction job in Denver on Mother’s Day weekend.

In late May, investigators searched a residential property that had been one of Barry Morphew’s job sites. After an intensive, three-day search, authorities announced they did not find any evidence connected to Suzanne’s disappearance.

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Fox 31 News reports that a 5,000 square foot home is being constructed at the location of the search, and interviewed a woman who lives next to the construction site. The neighbor said she heard very unusual sounds in the middle of the night on May 9, the day before Suzanne was reported missing.

“At the very first I thought it was a truck or something maybe parked in my driveway or something, but no, it kept running and coming from the same direction over there, and I had been hearing all of this noise for quite a while,” Mary Branson told the news station.

The interview suggests that Branson also believes she may have heard a person.

“I thought it sounded like one of them running and I sat up in bed and said, ‘it is one of them, what’s going on, this time of night? That’s ridiculous.’ And I thought maybe they had orders to move it or something, so I laid there listening and it kept going and going and going for about a half an hour.”

When Branson eventually decided investigate the noise, she stopped hearing it.

“And I finally got up to check and, as I opened the back door, it stopped. So I thought, maybe they are just moving something or whatever, and so I did not go out and investigate.”

Branson said that she later visited the construction site and asked workers there if they had left keys with the equipment when they left the job site. Workers reportedly said they did sometimes leave equipment keys at the site, but always in a well-hidden location.

In the interview, Branson noted the intensity of the site search in May, and told the news station that she saw up to 20 investigators there at a given time during the three-day search. Still, Branson appears to be questioning whether the construction site still might hold clues.

“I keep wondering, like many others,” Branson said.

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The Chaffee County Sheriff’s office has urged anyone who may have information related to Suzanne Morphew’s disappearance to call the dedicated tip line at 719-312-7530.

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