WATCH: Police bodycam footage shows ‘Cult Mom’ Lori Vallow lying to cops about missing son JJ, claims her late husband was plotting to kill her

At a preliminary hearing for Chad Daybell, the court saw footage of Lori Vallow speaking to police officers on the day that the Rexburg Police Department performed a wellness check on her 7-year-old son Joshua “JJ” Vallow.

Multiple police officers have taken the stand at Daybell’s preliminary hearing, and have shared details about the investigation from the time police first looked into the safety of Vallow’s children through the time the bodies of 7-year-old JJ Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan were found in Daybell’s backyard in June.

One detective who took the stand was among two officers who went to speak to Lori Vallow in person after police had earlier that day questioned Chad Daybell and Vallow’s brother Alex Cox, who were at the apartment complex when police arrived for the initial welfare check. Vallow was not home at the time.

That officer recorded the meeting with Vallow on his body camera, and the footage was played for the court on Monday. The camera footage was not visible on the livestream of the hearing, but Vallow can be heard speaking to police.

As East Idaho News confirms, Vallow is heard in the conversation with police saying that her son is in Arizona with her friend, previously identified as Melanie Gibb. When the officers tell her that police are having trouble reaching Gibb, Vallow says that she and JJ are likely at the movies to see “Frozen 2.”

The officers speaking to Vallow appear to have suspicions by this point, and ask her about her unusual circumstances, having recently and abruptly moved from Arizona to Idaho. Vallow tells police that she feels threatened by some family members and does not want them to know where she is. Vallow claims that her ex-husband Charles Vallow and a brother — not Alex Cox — wanted to kill her.

When police ask Vallow about the men they met earlier that day, Vallow tells them it was her brother Alex Cox and Alex’s friend Chad Daybell. She does not mention to police that she and Daybell are married.

Vallow’s friend Melanie Gibb reportedly told police that both Vallow and Daybell asked her to lie to officers, telling them that JJ Vallow was with her when he was not.

Gibb is expected to the stand momentarily at Chad Daybell’s preliminary hearing. Watch a live stream here: