Monday Crime Stories: HEAR PARENTS’ ANGUISH, tot shot DEAD after trike veers into neighbor’s yard

Five-year-old Cannon Hinnant is riding his bike in front of his family’s North Carolina home when a neighbor shoots him in the head. Darius Sessoms, 25, is charged with first-degree murder. The question remains: Why was Cannon shot? Sessoms and father Austin Hinnant had been neighbors for eight years.

The two men even had dinner and drinks together the night before Cannon’s murder. Cannon’s parents are calling for the death penalty in the case.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Austin Hinnant – Cannon’s Father

Bonny Waddell – Cannon’s Mother

Bonny Waddell

Randy Zelin – NY Criminal Defense Attorney, Website

Dr. Bethany Marshall – Psychoanalyst, Beverly Hills;  Website, Follow Dr. Marshall on Instagram

Dr. Bethany Marshall 

Sheryl McCollum – Forensics Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder

Sheryl McCollum
Sheryl McCollum

Dr. Katherine Maloney – Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Erie County Medical Examiners office, Buffalo, New York

Katherine Maloney
Katherine Maloney

Bryan Mims – WRAL TV News Reporter

Bryan Mims

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[Feature Photo: Cannon Hinnant/Family Handout]