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Thursday Crime Stories: Cop takes a bullet, crawls to squad car. Spends 46 years tracking down shooter.

Police officer Daril Cinquanta is shot by a perp. He was on a solo watch, which meant there was no one there to help him. Cinquanta crawled to his squad car to radio for help, The suspect got away, or did he? Cinquanta spent the next four decades tracking down his shooter.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Caryn Stark – NYC Psychologist
Ray Caputo – Lead News Anchor for Orlando’s Morning News, 96.5 WDBO
  • Daril Cinquanta – Author of “The Blue Chameleon” available on Amazon, President of Professional Investigators Inc.
  • David Di Pietro  – South Florida, former prosecutor, trial attorney, CEO DiPietro Partners, Attorneys at Law,

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]