Barry and Suzanne Morphew

Missing Suzanne Morphew’s husband Barry Morphew responds to bombshell claims about hotel room the weekend his wife disappeared

The husband of a missing Colorado woman has responded to claims made about a hotel room where he had been staying the weekend his wife disappeared.

Suzanne Morphew was reported missing on May 11 from her home in Maysville, Colorado. That weekend, her husband Barry Morphew was reportedly working a landscaping job near Denver, though authorities have never confirmed his alibi.

As previously reported, a man who worked with Barry Morphew claimed in an interview earlier this week that Morphew had called him to travel to the Denver area for a landscaping job, as Morphew said he had a family emergency — apparently, the discovery that his wife had been reported missing.

Jeff Puckett, who Morphew hired for the project, said this week that Morphew told him to go to Broomfield, just outside of Denver, on May 11 as Morphew had to return to Chaffee County. The contractor said he stayed in the same hotel room where Morphew had been staying.

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“I got there Sunday night and the room smelled like chlorine real bad,” Puckett reportedly said. “It was his room and he’d taken a shower – his towels were all over the floor.”

Puckett also claimed that he was unable to work on the landscaping job, as materials and communication about the job were inadequate.

Morphew presented what appeared to be a slightly different version of Puckett’s account in a recent interview with Fox 21 News. He claimed that he had previously hired Puckett for the job, which was not a last-minute gig.

“I said listen, I need to do this job, I will pay you good money to come and help me,” Morphew said in a phone interview with the news station. “I gave him a job and an opportunity.”

Morphew did say in the interview that he left the area abruptly after learning of Suzanne’s disappearance.

“I rushed home, left all my tools at the hotel called my workers and said, ‘I have a family emergency, you’re going to have to figure this out on your own,’” he said.

Suzanne’s husband also claimed that Puckett had previously been in prison for nine years. And he told Fox 21 News that he also smelled the scent of chlorine in the hotel room, but did not think it was significant.

“I’m sure that they washed the rooms with that for the covid. I don’t know, but I [smelled] it too when I was in there,” Morphew said, insisting that his visit to the hotel had nothing to do with Suzanne’s disappearance, and that he did not do anything suspicious while he was there.

“I did nothing wrong in the hotel,” he said. “There’s cameras all over the hotel, I did nothing wrong.”

As Fox 21 News reports, the hotel manager said that housekeeping does not use chlorine products to clean the hotel rooms, and that the hotel pool was not open during Morphew’s stay.

In the interview, Fox 21 News reporter Lauren Scharf asked Morphew to address those who believe he may have had something to with Suzanne’s disappearance.

“I love my wife. I would never hurt my wife. She is the light of my and my daughters’ lives. This whole thing is killing us and that is why I want our privacy,” Morphew said.

Authorities in Chaffee County have not named any suspects or persons of interest in Suzanne Morphew’s disappearance. The Chaffee County sheriff told Fox 21 News, after two months of departmental silence, that the investigation remains active.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s office has encouraged members of the public who may have information related to Suzanne Morphew’s disappearance to call the dedicated tip line at 719-312-7530.

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