Zachary Latham and William Durham

Tuesday Crime Stories: Brutal TikTok ‘for fame’ murder

Tense relations between neighbors ends in murder. Problems between Zachary Latham and the Durham family centered on the teen’s driving. The Durhams had repeatedly confronted the 18-year-old about his recklessness, driving upwards of 100 mph in the neighborhood. Latham also posted the TikTok video of their confrontations.

In May, Latham swerved at the Durham son and a fight ensued, resulting in the death of Wiliam Durham, a 51-year-old corrections officer.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Dr. Angela Arnold
Dr. Angela Arnold – Psychiatrist, Atlanta Ga.
Kendall Crowns
Dr. Kendall Crowns – Deputy Medical Examiner, Travis County, Tx.
Levi Page – Investigative Reporter, CrimeOnline
Wendy Patrick– California Prosecutor, Author of “Red Flags” & Host of “The Answer” on KCBQ Radio
Derek Ellington
Derek Ellington – Social Media & Online Activity Expert, Certified Fraud Examiner, Licensed Private Investigator

James Shelnutt

James Shelnutt – 27-year Atlanta Metro Major Case Detective, SWAT Officer, Attorney

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[Feature Photo: Zachary Latham & William Durham/Police Handout; Facebook]