Alianna DeFreeze

Friday Crime Stories: Girl nabbed by sex predator at bus stop! ‘Don’t Be A Victim’

When 14-year-old Alianna DeFreeze failed to show up for school, no one called her parents to let them know. It turned out the student was kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered by a man who snatched her as she stepped off a school bus.

Tragically, Alianna is not the only student to go missing on their way to or from the school bus stop. As a parent, what should you do to protect your children while at the bus stop? Nancy Grace investigates and shares tips from her new book, “Don’t Be A Victim: Fighting Back Against America’s Crime Wave'”

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Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Dr. Angela Arnold
Dr. Angela Arnold – Psychiatrist, Atlanta Ga.
Joe Scott Morgan
JoScott Morgan – Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet
James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt – 27-year Atlanta Metro Major Case Detective, SWAT Officer, Attorney
Wendy Patrick– California Prosecutor, author “Red Flags,” Host of “The Answer” on KCBQ Radio
Mark Klaas
Specialist Marc Klaas – Father of Polly Klaas, Founder of the Klaas Kids Foundation
Damon DeFreeze
Damon DeFreeze – Father of Alianna DeFreeze, Co-Founder of “The Alianna DeFreeze Foundation” 
WyTonya DeFreeze
WyTonya DeFreeze – Stepmother of Alianna DeFreeze, Executive Director/Co-Founder “The Alianna DeFreeze Foundation”
Sierra Gillespie – CrimeOnline Investigative Reporter

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[Feature Photo: Alianna DeFreeze/Handout]