child at playground

Tuesday Crime Stories: Protecting your children at parks and playgrounds. ‘Don’t Be A Victim’

What used to be just a fun day at the park can now put parents on pins and needles, as more children are abused or go missing from parks, playgrounds, and stadiums. Join Nancy Grace and her panel as they look at how to keep your children safe.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Mark Klaas
Specialist Marc Klaas – Father of Polly Klaas – Founder of the Klaas Kids Foundation
Wendy Patrick– California Prosecutor, Author of “Red Flags” & Host of “The Answer” on KCBQ Radio
Caryn Stark – NYC Psychologist
James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt – 27 years Atlanta Metro Major Case Detective, SWAT Officer, Attorney
Joe Scott Morgan
JoScott Morgan – Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet
Levi Page – Investigative Reporter, CrimeOnline

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]