Grace lashes out at move to release socialite Ghislaine Maxwell from jail

On the latest episode of “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” on Fox Nation, Nancy responds to claims made by a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell that the accused sex trafficker has lost 25 pounds while awaiting trial on six federal counts in a New York City jail.

Nancy and her guests discuss the “Operation Get Ghislaine out of Jail” campaign started by Maxwell’s family friend, Brian Basham.

“A campaign is underway to get Ghislaine Maxwell out of jail. Operation GGO — Get Ghislaine Out — was started by family friend Brian Basham. He claims the Maxwells human rights are being violated, that she is forced to wear paper clothing with no broad due to the risk of suicide,” CrimeOnline investigative reporter Dave Mack explains.

“He also claims that since incarceration, Maxwell, a vegan, has dropped 25 pounds due to improper diet. Basham claims that when Maxwell complained about losing so much weight, prison officials removed her scales to stop her from weighing herself … Brian Backstrom says he finds it appalling that Maxwell was still in custody when other sex offenders like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby were granted bail. Maxwell has denied all six counts relating to child sex trafficking, procurement and perjury.”

Nancy, a former prosecutor, doesn’t buy Backstrom’s claims.

“I’ve got news for everybody,” Nancy says. “I don’t think inmates have scales in their jail cell. So that’s a lot of B.S. That’s a technical legal term.”

Renowned trial attorney Anne Bremmer, who also joined Nancy on the episode, agrees.

“Nancy, that’s the first thing I thought,” Bremmer says. “I’ve never heard of an inmate having scales in their cell and having them taken away because they’re losing weight.”

“What a big fat lie,” Nancy says.

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