Quawan Charles

Quawan Charles: Independent autopsy results revealed after teen boy found dead with gruesome face damage

A preliminary independent autopsy in connection with the death of a Louisiana teen found face down in water has been completed, although there are still unanswered questions.

According to American Forensics, a forensics agency in Mesquite, Texas, who did a second autopsy on 15-year-old Quawan Charles, said the boy likely drowned, TMZ reports.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Quawan’s family started an independent investigation into his death after he was found deceased in a rural, wooded area near Loreauville on November 3. The family reportedly said that officials said the teen drowned with muddy water found in his lungs, but a graphic death photo has the family questioning what really happened.

“My son has a big knot on his head,” mother Roxanne Nelson told KATC 3. “It’s obvious someone hit him in the head with something.”

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The independent forensics agency, however, said the original autopsy was complete and thorough. Yet, questions still remain. How did Quawan end up alone in a remote area? How did he drown in what a neighbor in the area called “ankle-deep water?”

At this time, toxicology and final autopsy reports are not yet complete.

Meanwhile, Iberia Parish Sheriff Tommy Romero confirmed that authorities are treating the teen’s untimely death as a homicide. He confirmed that detectives are continuing their investigation into the case.

“We gathered evidence at the home of individuals who reportedly were with Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles just before his disappearance. We interviewed these same individuals and are actively tracking their whereabouts. We have spoken with at least one eye witness who reportedly saw Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles before his death in the area near where he was later found deceased.”

Quawan, a quiet teen who struggled with dyslexia, was last seen with an adult, Janet Irvin, and her 17-year-old son Gavin, on October 30. Quawan was at his father’s house in Baldwin at the time and left while his father was at the store. Family members stressed that they did not give Janet Irvin permission to pick up Quawan.

According to the Washington Post, the Irvin family has not spoken to Quawan’s family since the boy’s death. Kenneth Jacko, Quawan’s father, said that Gavin told police that Quawan was at his home on October 30 but left alone and didn’t return.

“[Gavin] said Quawan got up and said he was leaving. [Gavin] asked about where Quawan was going, and after that, he disappeared,” Jacko said.

The Irvins are no longer living in the trailer home they were in when Quawan was with them. They may have gotten evicted, the Post reports.

“This is a nightmare. I’ve had to go on a wild goose chase just to get information,’ Roxanne Nelson said.

“I want the lady who came to get my son without my permission, his dad’s permission, to be held accountable. She took them to her house. He was alive and well when he was here, and now he is dead.”

So far, no one has been named a suspect in connection with Quawan’s death.

Check back for updates.

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[Feature Photo: Quawan Charles/Handout]