Robert Halliday

Wednesday Crime Stories: ANOTHER young private goes missing from Fort Bliss; MOM OUTRAGED

More than a month passed before the parents of Pvt. Richard Halliday knew their soldier son was missing. Even then, it was because they reached out to the Army only to find out that the military considered him AWOL, absent without leave. Reports say the Army is no longer certain Halliday left intentionally. What happened to Pvt. Richard Halliday?

Joining Nancy Grace today:

James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt – 27 years Atlanta Metro Major Case detective, SWAT Officer, Attorney
Caryn Stark – NYC Psychologist
Robert Crispin – Private Investigator with “Crispin Special Investigations”

Additional Guests

  • Patricia Halliday – Mother
  • Rob Halliday – Father
  • Anne Emerson – WCIV ABC 4 Reporter

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[Feature Photo: Robert Halliday/Handout]