Pregnant woman dies after champagne-chugging boyfriend allegedly livestreams torture, abuse for $1K in viewer ‘donations’ [VIDEO]

A Russian YouTuber has been arrested after he allegedly filmed abuse and torture of his 28-year-old girlfriend, who subsequently died.

According to reports in the Mirror and the New York Post citing Russian media outlets, Stas Reeflay, 30, forced his pregnant girlfriend  Valentina “Valya” Grigoryey out on a balcony at his rented home outside Moscow — in sub-zero temperatures, wearing only her underwear. Some reports indicate that Reeplay and Grigoryey had been in an argument earlier.

East2West News, citing BAZA media, reports that a viewer of Reeflay’s channel offered him $1,000 to livestream abuse of Grigoryey. According to the New York Post report, Reeflay continued to stream — reportedly to “tens of thousands” of subscribers on a platform other than YouTube — after Grigoryey became unconscious.

In a disturbing video shared by the New York Post, Reeflay can be seen dragging the young woman’s body, as he appears to check for a heartbeat. The video indicates that authorities soon became aware of the incident, as a woman who appears to be an investigator or a paramedic enters the home as the young woman is lying unresponsive on a couch. The video then shows Reeflay speaking to another woman in an office setting.

The video can be seen here.

According to the New York Post, Reeflay appeared to realize Grigoryey was dead as he was attempting to revive her.

“Valya, are you alive … My bunny, what’s up with you? Valya! Valya! Damn, you look like you are dead,” he reportedly said in Russian.

“Bunny, come on…tell me something. I’m worrying. Damn… I don’t feel her heartbeat,” he said, according to the report.

“Guys … No pulse … she’s pale. She is not breathing,” he continued.

According to the Mirror, Reeflay faces only two years in prison if authorities determine that Grigoryey died of hypothermia because of his actions.

A YouTube representative said in a statement to the Mirror that the original video was not uploaded to YouTube. It remains unclear on which platform the livestream was initially uploaded.

A YouTube rep told the Mirror: “We’re shocked to learn of this tragic incident. This kind of graphic content is not acceptable on YouTube.

“Although the original livestream did not take place on YouTube, we quickly removed re-uploads and terminated the associated account,” the spokesperson said.

As of Friday morning, multiple re-uploads were found on YouTube, including an extremely disturbing video that shows more detail than the clips shared in the New York Post.

In it, Reeflay can be seen moving back and forth between his unresponsive girlfriend and his computer. At one point, he takes a swig out of a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Reeflay is also seen carrying Grigoryey’s limp body from the floor to the couch, and her face remains in view of the camera as a person who appears to be an investigator comes to the home, appearing to interview him.

CrimeOnline has chosen not to share or link to the YouTube re-upload of the horrific act.

It is unclear if or where Reeflay is in custody.

CrimeOnline will provide further updates when more information is available.

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